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Paul Dubal

I completed my Chartered Governance and law exams at a time when a cascade of governance failures provided the genesis and evolution of corporate governance. A rich and rewarding governance career followed – as a manager, leader and mentor in the UK, Caribbean, Canada, and the Middle East, as a board secretary, manager, director, leader in a diverse career spanning several industries.

In my 30+ year career as a governance professional, I have seen every conceivable variety of boardroom conduct and behaviours, as well as numerous examples of poor leadership, the very antithesis of good governance. This fired my fascination for emotional intelligence or quotient (EQ), and how it could be used in the workplace to improve behaviours and create better leaders.

Paul Dubal, Governance Coach
Paul Dubal, Governance Coach

In recent years, I immersed myself in learning and reading about EQ and qualified as a certified EQ-i assessor and practitioner.

My mission is to help board members understand the principles of EQ and how it can be practically applied to enhance their contribution and impact on the boards they serve.

Recognizing that board decisions have a wide impact not just for the organization but on the wider society and community they serve, better boardroom dynamics and behaviours makes for better decisions with a foundation of integrity and a consideration of a wide group of stakeholders.

I can help you become the best director you can be, using the EQ-I assessment tool. The tool helps directors understand their leadership blind spots and create a personal development plan that will position them with confidence and skills to build influence and impact as a director.

I recently released a book titled EQ for the Governance Professional, a unique fusion of EQ principles and its application to corporate governance.

This is essential reading for governance professionals who are keen to learn how to navigate the challenges of the role, using EQ-based strategies to enhance their effectiveness.

I am committed to helping new and aspiring directors build a strong reputation as a trusted advisor by closely partnering with them to refine the wide range of soft skills that will help them write their own personal success story.

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