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Mardi Witzel

The Frontiers of Governance: Coaching for directors and boards as well as executive leaders in understanding the complex topics at the frontiers of governance including ESG and AI Governance.

The strategic questions that occupy boards have changed significantly over the last thirty years, triggering advancement of good governance processes and practices. Today a number of relatively new topics are hitting the board agenda with varying levels of preparedness to address them.

My focus on director and board preparedness for environment and social governance (ESG) and the governance of artificial intelligence (AI) matters stems from my belief that leaders of all organization will need to consider these frontier topics if they are not already doing so. 

As a governance coach, my passion is to elevate the value of individual directors and boards by expanding their knowledge and insights on topics at the frontiers of good governance.  Applying my subject-matter expertise, I can enhance the contributions of individual directors and the effectiveness of board decision-making by:

  • Thoughtfully exploring the often complex frontier governance subjects to enhance board readiness and performance 
  • Providing a base level education about frontier governance topics including ESG, sustainability, stakeholder engagement, data goverance, AI governance and cybersecurity
  • Reviewing the critical role of intellectual property rights and intangible asset management for the productivity of firms and in broader economic terms
  • Discussing the changing state of regulation, standards, risk and assurance in relation to emerging technologies
Mardi Witzel
Mardi Witzel, Governance Branding Coach

I have enjoyed two decades of experience on not-for-profit boards, including service as Chair and on a wide range of committees; Finance and Audit, Investment, Risk, Governance and Nominating.

In the past few years, I fulfilled my commitment to study and learn about some of the more interesting and significant topics at the frontiers of governance.

I am ESG board certified through the globally respected ESG Competent Boards program and have co-authored an ESG Board Primer. 

I work in the field of AI Governance with NuEnergy.ai, a young private company that partners with organizations in developing, implementing or procuring AI to deliver customized, principled and ethical AI solutions.

I completed the Institute of Corporate Directors Directors Education Program, and also the Innovation Governance Program presented by the Council of Canadian Innovators.

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