Free Webinar – Aspiration to Achievement: A Roadmap to a Board Role

Join us for a free webinar where we will discuss board role fundamentals and outline a roadmap to a board role with our four governance coaches.

Date and Time
Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST – Online
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In this virtual session, you will learn about the roadmap for your board journey. With a combined 120 years+ in governance, marketing and board service, our talented panelists will provide practical and actionable insights to help you navigate the steps of your board journey using our three-step approach.

Throughout the discussion you will gain insights about:

  • Board Role Fundamentals: board types, competencies, board appointment processes, fit and mapping a board career
  • The Governance Boutique 3-step: Research, Reflect, Respond
  • The “pitstops” along the way to a board role


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Board Role Fundamentals
  3. Panel Discussion
  4. Q&A
  5. Wrap up and thank you

Moderator: Paul Dubal, Governance Coach

Who should attend this event?

This session is ideal for individuals aspiring to a board role whether you are new to board service or currently serve on a board and want to know more about the steps to securing a new or next board role.

Note: A Zoom meeting link will be sent out to all registered participants one week prior to the event.

Meet the Team

Donna Price Founder & President, The Governance Boutique. Donna is a dedicated Governance Coach and offers over 40 years of experience in the legal, technology, sports & recreation, public, not-for-profit and charitable sectors to each aspiring director opportunity. As a certified Governance Professional, Advisor, Coach and Corporate Director serving new ventures to public enterprises, Donna believes in the value, talent and potential of corporate directors and boards and their importance to value creation in enterprise and society.

Paul Dubal Paul brings a 30+ year career as a governance professional, which has allowed him to see every conceivable variety of boardroom conduct and behaviours, as well as numerous examples of poor leadership, the very antithesis of good governance. This fired his fascination for emotional intelligence or quotient (EQ), and how it could be used in the workplace to improve behaviours and create better leaders. Paul is a certified EQ assessor and coach and combines his global governance experience with EQ to provide unique leadership insights that help clients become effective board directors.

Kerry Mortimer Kerry brings 30 years experience as a marketing professional along with 15+ years of board service in the non-profit sector. She helps aspiring, new and current directors develop and manage their online personal brand and eleventate their digital presence. She provides training and support on LinkedIn for directors to expand their network and find board opportunities.

Mardi Witzel Mardi spent her career at the intersection of technology and financial services with NCR Corporation and is a Board Director with 20 years’ experience in not-for-profit board governance, payment systems, stakeholder engagement, strategic planning, fundraising and communications. Mardi’s area of focus is on director and board preparedness for environment and social governance (ESG) and the governance of artificial intelligence (AI). Boards and senior leadership teams in organizations across all industry sectors will need to consider these and other frontier topics if they are not already doing so. Mardi helps boards be ready as a number of relatively new topics are hitting the board agenda with varying levels of preparedness to address them.

Published by Governance Boutique

We support women in their quest to land a board position. The Governance Boutique was created to provide board document writing and interviewing services to aspiring and serving directors. We aim to advance women’s representation at the boardroom table.

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