Gender-Value in the Boardroom

By Donna Price, Governance Coach and founder of the Governance Boutique

With an unswerving purpose and without arousing needless antagonism, step-by-step, one by one, women are making their way into Canadian boardrooms – proud to be participants in a forward movement and equally proud to be valued contributors. Work is the birthright of the human race and women have embraced boardroom work through intense ceaseless activity and all of the physical and moral realms that go with it.

Women’s movement into the world of business has advanced far beyond any timid and tentative beginnings of years past. Despite confronting a host of systemic and personal challenges, women of a sublime faith in themselves and their abilities have come to take up their positions as leaders and captains of industry – and a seat at the boardroom table. Working alongside others, almost unquestionably of another gender, to share experiences and perspectives and make noble and courageous use of their talents.

Women Get On Board and Board Ready Women are two sparkling examples of initiatives of positive purpose aimed at supporting women in their journey to the boardroom. Each has cultivated growing and supportive communities of ‘board ready’ women.

The forward movement of women to boardrooms has been steady and, reflecting almost universal opinion, remarkably slow. Canada long ago affirmed the notion of itself as a multicultural country and encouraged all major Canadian institutions to implement and support multicultural policies to encourage diverse representation and equal opportunity. This followed the 1982 repatriation and introduction of the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms that guaranteed gender equality rights (and other rights) deemed necessary in a free and democratic society.

In many ways, diversity is a defining characteristic of Canada.

Years of regulatory guidance, public pressure from a variety of groups and increased public and media attention has not yet led to significant achievement of gender expansion in the boardroom. Rather, it is the relentless mission of women themselves who will bring their experiences and perceptions into boardrooms – where they will learn, elevate and diversify the perspectives of others.

It is not every woman’s arena, but it is an arena where the contributions of women will continue to make a difference in the effectiveness of board decisions and business outcomes.

The Governance Boutique is dedicated to the mission of elevating women to boards. We believe in the value, talent and human potential of women and their importance to value creation in enterprise and society as much today as always. We are committed, agile and deeply passionate to combine our collective skills to serve you in elevating your board value and support you on your board journey.

Published by Governance Boutique

We support women in their quest to land a board position. The Governance Boutique was created to provide board document writing and interviewing services to aspiring and serving directors. We aim to advance women’s representation at the boardroom table.

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